Xuppi is a social commerce platform for creators and brands.

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Grow your business with
the power of live streaming

Combine real-time customer interaction, and
seamless online shopping in less than 2 clicks &
partner with over 5000 creators

Connect with your audience

Monetise Content

Create & sell your exclusive content to your subscribers.

Live Stream

Go live with your fanbase & monetise using PPV (Pay per view).

1-1 Video Call

Interact with your subscribers face to face.

Live Shopping

Sell your merchandise via digitised shopping experience and embrace “social commerce.”

Brand Shop

Tools to manage your entire business & online store.

In-Chat Payments

One to one messaging with an in-chat payment option.

Who can use it?

Xuppi is a platform for creators who want to effectively monetise their content and partake in effective partnerships with brands to promote them via social media or sell their products on the platform.

Why create with us?

Creative Support

Get world-class creative support
for social media posts, stories, and more.

Customer Support

Get 24/7 customer support for
your subscribers.

Promotional Support

Get unmatched promotions across our 10
million fans on social media.

Paid Shoots & Commissions

Get featured in our shoots by
well-known directors.

How it works?

Create. Collaborate. Connect.

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