About Us

What is Xuppi?

Imagine an artist selling his concert tickets, merchandise, taking bookings, launching albums, video episodes & series minus all the middle men on a single platform? That’s Xuppi for you. A platform built to engage, entertain & most importantly monetize your digital identity.

Xuppi enables content creators to enter the hyper-personalization era by monetizing their content by choosing the price of their choice & building a global multi-lingual fanbase.

Current Challenges

Creators have to rely on social & video platforms for reach but fail on monetization despite the platform running interruptive advertising & using advanced targeting.Creators can only monetize via branded content running promotions. Premium platforms commission niche creators. An influencer only knows his fanbase by numbers not by name. Too many middle men cause artist earnings to dip significantly.

Our Mission

The mission of Xuppi is to build a platform which incentivizes the creator & the consumer. A self sufficient business model which gamifies the entire experience as you consume the product thereby increasing the reach of the content globally with the goal of giving control, voice & a medium for transparent distribution to the creator.

How does it help a creator

As per our beta program, a creator with 1MN fans investing with Xuppi stands to make approximately $25,000 monthly**. We ride on your social media following to consume your premium content on Xuppi. Our algos do a thorough check when you sign up & give you an estimate of your content & its value.

Security & Privacy

With advanced content controls & DRM(Digital rights management) built on blockchain, we work harder to protect your content, customer & your data. By giving you the option to enable/disable wilful advertising, we let consumers & creators decide what advertising targets them rather than the other way around.

Hyper - Personalization

While an artist craves discovery & millions of followers around the globe. We believe the future is Private. Private transactions, Private groups, discretion & anonymity will take over some day. Hence we are building a hyper-personalized digital experience between the creator & the consumer.


Built on algorithms written by world’s finest engineers & powered entirely by Machine Learning & Automation to give you audience insights & tips you always needed, we have pioneered an in-built digital assistant inside the platform to help you conquer the world.
You will be surprised to see what we show you & what other platforms hide.