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Eligibility & One-time Sign-up Bonus
Followers on Social Media / Platform
Earning on Other
Platforms ($)
Bonus ($)
Bonus ($)

25k - 50k

135 - 275



50k - 150k

275 - 550



150k - 500k

551 - 1100



500k - 1m

1101 - 1850




1851 - Above



Recurring Revenue
Creator Earnings on Platform ($)
Agency Commission for Creators
Agency Commission for Super hosts

0 - 2000



2,000 - 3,500



3,501 - 5,000



5,001 - Above



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Terms and Conditions

1. Referral Commission is paid by digital earnings of the creators. It includes Photos, Videos, Live stream, Podcast, Web series, e-learning courses, 1-on-1 Video calls, Messaging, Tips, Greeting videos, etc.

2. Referral Commission is NOT paid for other earnings of the creators which include sales of merchandise, live stream shop, events ticket sales & donation campaigns.

3. Payouts will be made on a monthly basis along with payouts of each creator confirmed by the agency & calculated automatically through the system process.

4. All payouts are subject to deduction of any taxes required by the local governments and as per guidelines.

5. Payout of each on-boarded creator will be made directly to the creators as per registration, and there will be NO deduction for cost related to the agency from creator earnings.

6. All agencies must complete the registration process for example - Company’s registration, owner details along with proper ID as well as registered bank details which can be only changed via an application form.

7. All creators onboarded on the platform have to be 100% verified i.e they are required to provide any one of the following documentation during the Sign-up & registration process i.e National ID Copy, PAN Card, Driving License or Passport.

8. Please note all creators need to follow the platform’s community guidelines and terms & conditions, failure to follow will lead to suspension or ban, in that case, no agency payout will be made.

9. Sign-up bonus payout will be paid on condition of activity on the creator’s profile on the first month and accessed by the platform’s team manager. Payout will be made on completion of the first month.

10. The agency providing creators under the Super host program would get commission calculated and paid on the actual earnings made by the host on the platform and not paid or calculated on the MG amounts.

11. All benefits provided by the company as mentioned above are subject to exclusive discretion and interpretation, all rights of such benefits remain with the platform.

12. Agencies are required to follow Terms & Conditions ( and Privacy policy ( as well community guidelines (, failure to comply will lead to suspension or ban from the platform.

13. Agencies providing creators under the Sign-up bonus program or Super host program must make sure deliverables are completed by creators. In case the platform review team withdraws any creator’s benefits, agency benefits for the same creator will be withdrawn. All rights of such benefits remain with the platform.